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Meet the Team

White Mountain Animal Hospital is a fully equipped clinic led by the most experienced veterinarian in the White Mountains. He has knowledge of a large variety of species and the practical application of medicine, surgery, and other treatment. His employees all have a history in the medical field and are experiencing the extent of care an animal can receive. We believe in genuine care for our patients and their caretakers with a unique, personal approach to assure the wellbeing and success of clients and the pets they love.

Dr. Ole Alcumbrac, DVM

Dr. Ole

Dr. Ole is an Emmy recipient, and the Director of Wildlife Health Services which specializes in immobilization and capture of native and exotic species. He provides clinical and consultation services for both private and public collections of wild animals. He serves as a Consulting Veterinarian for Departments of the Arizona Game and Fish, the White Mount Apache Game and Fish, the New Mexico Game and Fish and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Dr. Alcumbrac is the lead veterinarian for the Mexican Wolf Project, the Sonoran Pronghorn Antelope Project and multiple game and non-game species studies.

Since 1994, Dr. Alcumbrac has owned and operated a mixed animal and exotic practice in northern Arizona, providing treatment to any animal that comes through the door. His practice has overseen several zoological operations including the prestigious Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, the Phoenix Zoo, and Bearizona. He is a recipient of the Award of Excellence from the Arizona Game and Fish Commission. Dr. Alcumbrac serves as an adjunct faculty member at Texas Tech University and a past Instructor of Veterinary Sciences at Northland Pioneer College. He also teaches formal classes and practicals internationally on wildlife capture. When not working in the southwest, his work has taken him from Argentina, Peru, and Mexico to all points in the United States. Also a pilot and a diver, when Dr. Ole isn’t rescuing endangered species in the deserts and mountains, he enjoys going to his house south of the Mexican border to dive, fish, or just drinking a margarita on the beach.

Dr. Robert Evans, DVM

Amanda Lusk

Lacey Jones

Samantha Krause

Natasha Naranjo

Jennie Armer

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